Monday, 1 October 2012

Samuel Says

This ad from Barack Obama's 2012 campaign puts a new twist on political advertising (let's face it, it's not your average political campaign). Rather than screaming out "vote for me, vote for me!" It uses the face of Samuel L Jackson, known for his eccentric performances, to poetically describe what a family can do to support Obama's election campaign and highlights reasons not to vote Romney.

The idea is inspired by an adult themed children's book for which Samuel L J narrated, called "Go the **** to sleep" and has been adapted for a campaign in support of Obama.

In some ways the ad has been quite controversial and has received mixed opinions as to the content of the ad. It could be said that the use of the child is a bold move one that is maybe too risky, due to the use of language at the end of the ad. However it could also be said that it is an effective way to reach a younger audience in the US, who maybe do not have an understanding of the current situation and were not previously thinking of taking an active role in the elections.


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