Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New logo's, new trend?

So, just recently we've seen Microsoft unveil their brand new logo, and now Ebay. Both brands have gone for much simpler designs from what they were previously, it seems they might have learnt a thing or two from Apple who have always taken a more simpler route to their designs.

Microsoft have gone for a much more clean and straight-edged look, by boxing the 4-coloured window and getting rid of the signature wave that represented them for 25 years. They have also changed their typeface to a sans serif font, Segoe UI. Microsoft represent many different products from PC's, phones, Office software to Xbox services and this is their reason for the rebrand.

Ebay, after 17 successful years, have also gone for a more neat and rounded style with their typeface, adding a little character with the lack of spacing between letters and if you closely, a small trademark symbol has been added. The bright colour palette still exists, clearly representing the diversity of the brand.
Both logos are great, they haven't changed a lot yet they look so much more updated, appealing and are still recognisable as two very successful and innovative brands. A contemporary and classic feel is just what they needed in order to fit in with the consumers and competition of today.


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