Monday, 15 October 2012

Ebay goes Pinterest

After unveiling their logo a few months back, Ebay have now revealed the look of their new website updating it with brand new features both aesthetically and functionally and a style very similar to our good friend, Pinterest.

It has been designed to look and feel more contemporary, clean and easier (or tempting) to browse and purchase. This is also a way of applying the site to users to help it become more of a personal experience. Ebay would like it to become a site that translates globally, so it reflects the brand as a marketplace that connects the world to the items they need, love and will always go back to.

We think it looks great, a lot more stylish and personal - just like every shopping experience should be! It would also look great on a smartphone therefore, using it where ever you are, shouldn't be a problem. The US should be seeing the update pretty soon and the rest of with world, in the coming months (boo!). 

New look of the profile page

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